List of UK Health Awards and Social Care Awards

This is the world’s best list of UK Health Awards and Social Care Awards. It includes all the most credible national health awards such as The Building Better Healthcare Awards, NHS Awards, Health Business Awards, Nursing Times Awards, as well as specific sector awards such as The Private Dentistry Awards, The Optician Awards, The National Vet Awards and The National Care Awards.

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Please note: the “~” symbol means that the date is based on the previous year’s awards programme or is an estimate based on the information available. We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy (we try our best!) so always visit the individual awards’ websites for the latest information.


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Award nameIndustryRegionDeadline DateAwarding Date
Aesthetic Dentistry Awards Health & Social CareUK3rd Dec22nd Mar
RCP Excellence in Patient Care Awards Health & Social CareUK3rd Dec~16th Mar
OTC Marketing Awards Health & Social CareUK7th Dec7th Mar
Optometry Today AOP AwardsHealth & Social CareUK12th Dec~28th Jan
The Student Nursing Times AwardsHealth & Social CareUK14th Dec26th Apr
The Medical Design Excellence Awards Health & Social CareInternational21st Dec11th Jun
CRO Leadership AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational31st Dec~1st May
The HSJ Value in Healthcare AwardsHealth & Social CareUK11th Jan23rd May
Petplan Veterinary AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~12th Jan~6th Apr
Chief Scientific Officer Awards Health & Social CareUK~12th Jan~5th Mar
Advancing Healthcare Awards Health & Social CareUK14th Jan~20th Apr
Optician AwardsHealth & Social CareUK14th Jan30th Mar
Clinical and Research Excellence Awards CARE AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational18th Jan2nd May
BMJ Improving Health AwardsHealth & Social CareUK18th Jan24th Apr
AHCP National Awards (Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals)Health & Social CareUK~20th Jan~8th Jun
Pharmaceutical Field PF AwardsHealth & Social CareUK21st Jan14th Mar
The HealthInvestor Awards Health & Social CareUK~29th Jan~13th Jun
PharmaTimes International Clinical Researcher of the YearHealth & Social CareInternational31st Jan16th May
Top 20 Care Home Awards Health & Social CareUK~31st Jan~25th Feb
The RCNi Nurse AwardsHealth & Social CareUK1st Feb3rd Jul
AXA PPP Health Tech & You AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~1st Feb~25th Apr
National Association of Care Catering (NACC) Care Chef of the YearHealth & Social CareUK~2nd Feb~7th Jun
Patient Safety AwardsHealth & Social CareUK5th Feb2nd Jul
The Lasker Awards Health & Social CareInternational~5th Feb~20th Jun
IMTJ Medical Travel Awards Health & Social CareInternational11th Feb29th Apr
Edith Cavell Leadership Award (Nursing)Health & Social CareUK~15th Feb~1st Apr
Care Home Awards Health & Social CareUK~16th Feb~25th May
HPMA Excellence AwardsHealth & Social CareUK20th Feb6th Jun
Bio-IT World Best Practices Awards Health & Social CareInternational~2nd Mar~15th May
Communique AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~8th Mar~28th Jun
Heads Up Awards Health & Social CareUK~24th Mar~3rd May
The CN Awards (Nutrition) Health & Social CareUK~29th Mar~1st May
The Bill Foege Global Health AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~4th Apr~9th May
PM Society Digital Awards (Pharmaceutical Marketing Society)Health & Social CareUK~5th Apr~20th Sep
RSPH Health and Wellbeing Awards Health & Social CareUK~20th Apr18th Oct
Nursing Times AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~4th May31st Oct
Digital Health AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~7th May~20th Jul
The Pioneers of Global Health AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~11th May~11th Oct
Zenith Global Health AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~18th May~6th Oct
Macular Society Award for Excellence Health & Social CareUK~31st May~22nd Sep
The Anticoagulation Achievement Awards Health & Social CareUK~1st Jun~10th Oct
SCRIP AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~1st Jun28th Nov
UK Heart Safe AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~8th Jun26th Oct
World ADC Awards Health & Social CareInternational~16th Jun~21st Sep
HSJ Awards (Health Service Journal)Health & Social CareUK~24th Jun21st Nov
LangBuisson Awards Health & Social CareUK~29th Jun15th Nov
The General Practice AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~29th Jun30th Nov
The Building Better Healthcare AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~30th Jun31st Oct
Home Care Awards Health & Social CareUK~30th Jun~2nd Oct
Health Tech Newspaper HTN AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~1st Jul7th Nov
Ragan's Health Care PR and Marketing AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~6th Jul~10th Aug
National Association of Care Catering (NACC) AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~6th Jul~3rd Oct
The Good Funeral Awards Health & Social CareUK~15th Jul~15th Sep
National Care AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~20th Jul30th Nov
The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards Health & Social CareInternational~20th Jul~25th Jun
National Dementia Care Awards Health & Social CareUK~20th Jul8th Nov
Acute Pain AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~31st Jul~19th Sep
Mind Media AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~10th Aug29th Nov
CPhI Pharma AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~10th Aug~9th Oct
Laboratory AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~10th Aug30th Nov
Lifestars AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~16th Aug13th Nov
SCRS Eagle AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~27th Aug~13th Oct
British Healthcare Trades AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~31st Aug29th Nov
Association of Clinical Research Professionals ACRP Awards Health & Social CareInternational~31st Aug~16th Apr
Dental Industry AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~31st Aug15th Nov
The Sun's Who Cares Wins Awards Health & Social CareUK~1st Sep~8th Oct
Oral Health Awards Health & Social CareUK~3rd Sep15th Nov
The Dentistry AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~7th Sep23rd Nov
Skills for Care Accolades AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~7th Sep~9th Mar
The 3rd Sector Care AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~7th Sep7th Dec
Global Wellness AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~7th Sep~6th Oct
Pharmaceutical Marketing Excellence AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~13th Sep22nd Nov
Private Dentistry AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~14th Sep7th Dec
National Vet AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~14th Sep4th Nov
Our Health Heroes Health & Social CareUK~16th Sep~21st Nov
GSK Impact AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~20th Sep~15th May
HFMA National Healthcare Finance Awards Health & Social CareUK~28th Sep6th Dec
PharmaTimes Medical and Scientific Excellence AwardsHealth & Social CareInternational~30th Sep6th Dec
Health Business AwardsHealth & Social CareUK~12th Oct~14th Dec
AIHHP Golden Lobe Awards Health & Social CareUK17th Oct17th Nov
PM Society Awards (Pharmaceutical Marketing Society)Health & Social CareUK19th Oct1st Feb
The Autism Professionals Awards Health & Social CareUK26th Oct~7th Mar
The British Pest Management Awards Health & Social CareUK1st Nov20th Mar
Patient Experience Network PEN National AwardsHealth & Social CareUK23rd Nov20th Mar
Pinders Healthcare Design Awards Health & Social CareUK30th Nov~15th Mar

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