List of UK Retail Awards, Consumer Goods Awards and Food and Drink Awards

This is the world’s best list of UK Retail Awards. From the most prestigious UK Food Awards to Fashion Awards and Internet Retailing, our list covers multiple sectors within the industry. Here you can find out how to enter The Retail Week Awards, The Observer Food Monthly Awards, all of The Grocer Awards, The Great Taste Awards, Product of the Year Awards and The Good Housekeeping Food Awards amongst many others.

You can add industries and/or regions you are interested in by ticking the boxes down the left hand side and clicking ‘update search’. You may also want to check our list of International Retail Awards for awards open to global entry.

Please note: the “~” symbol means that the date is based on the previous year’s awards programme or is an estimate based on the information available. We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy (we try our best!) so always visit the individual awards’ websites for the latest information.


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Award nameIndustryRegionDeadline DateAwarding Date
CiWF Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK5th Dec5th Jan
ISPO Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational7th Dec~5th Feb
Fragrance Foundation Jasmine Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational7th Dec16th May
UK eCommerce AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK7th Dec6th Mar
Countryside Alliance AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK9th Dec~1st Apr
FreeFrom Food AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK9th Dec20th Mar
DIY Week AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK14th Dec10th May
Good Food Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK14th Dec~18th Jan
The British Craft AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK16th Dec~16th Feb
UK Lingerie AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~1st Jan~19th Feb
International Craft AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational3rd Jan~9th Feb
The Delivery Excellence Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~10th Jan~30th Jan
Drapers Digital Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK11th Jan~26th Apr
The Revo Opal Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK14th Jan10th Apr
The Fragrance Foundation Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~17th Jan16th May
The World Retail AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational18th Jan16th May
The British Kebab Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK22nd Jan18th Mar
The Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA) Retail & Consumer GoodsUK23rd Jan8th May
BBC Food and Farming Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~29th Jan~30th Apr
SIBA Brewing Business AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~31st Jan~16th Mar
Creative Retail AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK31st Jan6th Jun
The Greats Gift Retailer Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK31st Jan15th May
The Academy of Chocolate Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK31st Jan~3rd Apr
Drapers Footwear AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK1st Feb26th Jun
World Food Innovation AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~1st Feb~7th Mar
The Craft Business AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational1st Feb~16th Mar
Retailers' Retailer of the YearRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~3rd Feb~7th Mar
Grocer Own Label Accreditation and AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK4th Feb29th Nov
The Asian Restaurant Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~5th Feb~5th Mar
The British Sandwich Association Sammies Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~7th Feb~10th May
The Bookseller British Book Industry Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~9th Feb~14th May
Seafood Excellence Global AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~14th Feb~24th Apr
British Pie Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~16th Feb~7th Mar
Great Taste AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~16th Feb~1st Aug
International Association for Food Protection IAFP Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~20th Feb~9th Jul
Food and Drink Federation FDF AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK & Republic of Ireland~21st Feb~20th Sep
Horticulture Week Business AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~22nd Feb~28th Jun
The Grocer New Product AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~26th Feb~5th Oct
The A' Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design AwardRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational28th Feb15th Apr
Scratch Stars Awards (UK Nail Industry) Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~28th Feb~15th Jul
James and James eCommerce Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~29th Feb~28th Apr
Retail Systems AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK1st Mar27th Jun
Decanter World Wine Awards DWWARetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~2nd Mar~1st Jun
The Grocer Gold AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~5th Mar~12th Jun
FAB Creative Excellence Awards (Food & Beverage)Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~7th Mar~26th May
iTQi Superior Taste Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~10th Mar~11th Jun
The Food Made Good Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~13th Mar~22nd Mar
FreeFrom Skin Care AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~18th Mar~5th Jul
Retail Week Rising Stars Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~23rd Mar~18th Jul
Retas AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~23rd Mar~11th Jul
The Glossy AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~30th Mar~8th Jun
BIRA Independent Retail AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~1st Apr~10th May
ECMOD Direct Commerce AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~11th Apr~14th Jun
The SCEPTRE Retail Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK & Republic of Ireland~13th Apr~20th Jun
Global Department Stores Summit GDSS Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~16th Apr~24th May
The Natural & Organic AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~21st Apr~23rd Apr
The Luxury Packaging Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~23rd Apr~12th Sep
The Etsy Awards UK & Ireland Retail & Consumer GoodsUK & Republic of Ireland~28th Apr~1st Sep
Farmers Weekly AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK30th Apr3rd Oct
Healthy Food Guide HFG Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~30th Apr~1st Jun
The Drinks Business AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~4th May~22nd May
The OutDoor INDUSTRY AwardRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~7th May~17th Jun
The BIA Baking Industry Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~8th May~5th Sep
International Chocolate Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~11th May~8th Sep
IWC Merchant of the Year Awards (International Wine Challenge)Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~11th May~10th Jul
World Dairy Innovation Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~11th May~20th Jun
International Cheese Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~12th May~24th Jul
Forecourt Trader of the Year AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~14th May~13th Sep
The Retail Industry AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~18th May~27th Sep
The Drapers AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~18th May29th Nov
MTJ's SuperMeat & Fish AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~25th May~10th Sep
SuperMeat & Fish AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~25th May~10th Sep
International Beer Challenge IBC Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~25th May~3rd Sep
The Harpers Design Awards (Drinks Industry)Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~26th May~29th Sep
IGD AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~1st Jun~2nd Oct
The eCommerce Awards for Excellence Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~11th Jun~26th Sep
The Quality Food AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~15th Jun1st Nov
HJ British Hairdressing Business AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~15th Jun~17th Sep
The Retail Week Interiors AwardRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~16th Jun~2nd Nov
Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Awards (ARTA Awards)Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~17th Jun~30th Sep
Observer Food Monthly AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~22nd Jun21st Oct
British Hairdressing AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~22nd Jun26th Nov
My Face My Body Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~1st Jul~17th Mar
Professional Beauty AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~6th Jul24th Feb
The Grocer Drink Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~9th Jul5th Nov
The Quality Drink AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~13th Jul8th Nov
Good Housekeeping Food AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~13th Jul~1st Jul
British Farming Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~13th Jul18th Oct
The Vendies Vending Industry Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~15th Jul~2nd Oct
The Walpole British Luxury AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~16th Jul19th Nov
The Fraud Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~16th Jul~6th Oct
The UK Paleo AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~18th Jul~26th Sep
Laundry and Cleaning News LCN Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~20th Jul~27th Sep
The NBF Bed Industry Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~20th Jul~18th Sep
Butcher's Shop of the Year AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~23rd Jul~7th Nov
Drinks International Travel Retail AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~27th Jul~2nd Oct
Food Manufacture Excellence AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~30th Jul7th Nov
The Gluten Free Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~31st Jul23rd Nov
Product of the YearRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~31st Jul24th Jan
AIPH International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~31st Jul22nd Jan
T3 Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~13th Aug~27th Sep
Sales Assistant of the Year AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~14th Aug7th Nov
VM & Display Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~17th Aug22nd Nov
British Street Food Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~18th Aug~28th Sep
Asian Trader AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~18th Aug20th Nov
Revo Gold Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~20th Aug5th Dec
Great British High Street Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~22nd Aug~15th Nov
The Takeaway Innovation Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~24th Aug~25th Sep
Society of Food Hygiene & Technology SOFHT AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~24th Aug15th Nov
Pet Industry Federation AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~28th Aug27th Nov
PETA Vegan Food Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~28th Aug~25th Sep
The Protein Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~30th Aug~26th Sep
BRIT’s International Sustainable Winegrowing CompetitionRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~1st Sep~31st Mar
The Beauty Shortlist Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~2nd Sep1st Mar
UK Fruit and Vegetable AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~3rd Sep~8th Oct
World Bread Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~5th Sep16th Oct
Food Management Today FMT Industry AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~7th Sep~9th Feb
National Chilli Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~9th Sep~14th Sep
UK Sausage Week Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~10th Sep29th Oct
The British Takeaway Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~16th Sep~12th Dec
Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY)Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~20th Sep15th Feb
Farm Shop & Deli Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~21st Sep8th Apr
The Grocer Top New Talent Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~24th Sep~14th Nov
World Beverage Innovation AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~27th Sep14th Nov
CWB Independent Retail Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~29th Sep1st Dec
The Asian Curry AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~30th Sep~12th Nov
The Revo ACE Awards (Achieving Customer Experience)Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~1st Oct4th Apr
The Housewares Innovation Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~2nd Oct4th Feb
Retail Week AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~5th Oct14th Mar
The Drinks Business Green AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational~5th Oct~20th Nov
Direct Commerce Innovator Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~8th Oct30th Oct
UK Calendar Awards (The Calies)Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~10th Oct28th Nov
World Gin Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~15th Oct~1st Mar
World Vodka Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsInternational~15th Oct~1st Mar
Motor Trader Quality Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK~17th Oct~1st Dec
Made For Mums Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK19th Oct1st Mar
Sainsbury's Magazine AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK31st Oct~1st Mar
National Fish and Chip Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK31st Oct24th Jan
The Publican AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK5th Nov12th Mar
British Fashion AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK10th Nov10th Dec
Convenience Retail AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK12th Nov14th Mar
Chef's Choice Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK12th Nov5th Mar
kbbreview Retail & Design AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK & Republic of Ireland22nd Nov4th Apr
BikeBiz AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK~23rd Nov~23rd Feb
Toy Retailer of the Year AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsUK26th Nov22nd Jan
The Great British Market Awards Retail & Consumer GoodsUK30th Nov~12th Jan
Global RLI AwardsRetail & Consumer GoodsInternational30th Nov3rd Apr
The Giftware Association Gift of the YearRetail & Consumer GoodsUK30th Nov3rd Feb

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