List of UK Construction Awards and Architecture Awards

This is the world’s best list of UK construction awards and architecture awards. It includes all the most credible national construction awards such as The British Construction Industry Awards, The Building Awards, The RICS Awards, World Demolition Awards and The Construction News Awards. You can find information about entering UK Architecture Awards like the RIBA Awards, AJ100 Awards and The AJ Retrofit Awards, as well as other UK Engineering Awards such as The Ground Engineering GE Awards and The CIBSE Building Performance Awards.

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We also have a list of international construction awards and architecture awards on our sister site International Awards List


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Please note: the “~” symbol means that the date is based on the previous year’s awards programme or is an estimate based on the information available.
We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy (we try our best!) so always visit the individual awards’ websites for the latest information.
Award nameDeadline DateAwarding DateIndustryRegion
World Architecture Festival WAF Awards7th May1st DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Construction News Awards7th May15th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK & Republic of Ireland
The INSIDE Awards7th May1st DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
AJ Architecture Awards7th May17th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
World Festival of Interiors Awards7th May1st DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards14th May~1st DecConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Institution of Engineering and Technology IET Achievement Awards17th May~14th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Housebuilder Awards 19th May~3rd DecConstruction & ArchitectureUK
British Construction Industry Awards (BCIA)21st May13th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Year in Infrastructure Awards21st May~12th OctConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Construction News Specialists Awards28th May19th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK & Republic of Ireland
The ABB Leaf Awards 28th May~15th OctConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Brick Awards 28th May10th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
British Demolition Awards28th May16th JulConstruction & ArchitectureUK
New Civil Engineer NCE100 Companies of the Year~30th May~26th FebConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Landscape Institute Awards~1st Jun~26th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The BALI National Landscape Awards 2nd Jun3rd DecConstruction & ArchitectureUK & Republic of Ireland
Dezeen Awards2nd Jun~12th NovConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
National Building and Construction Awards2nd Jun13th MayConstruction & ArchitectureUK
RIBA President's Awards for Research ~3rd Jun~1st DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The National Energy Efficiency Awards~9th Jun~19th FebConstruction & ArchitectureUK
British Homes Awards10th Jun~7th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
AEC Excellence Awards ~10th Jun~8th NovConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Facade Awards UK 11th Jun19th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
RIBA Royal Gold Medal~12th Jun26th MayConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Living Waterways Awards~12th Jun~14th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Architizer A+ Product Awards~14th Jun~30th JulConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Construction News CN Talent Awards ~19th Jun~17th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The ARCHITECT Studio Prize~21st Jun~2nd SepConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Wood Awards ~22nd Jun~25th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
BD Architect of the Year Awards 25th Jun14th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
RIBA House of the Year Award (Grand Designs) ~25th Jun~13th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Schueco Excellence Awards25th Jun16th SepConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Structural Timber Awards25th Jun~10th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Architectural Review AR House Awards~27th Jun~18th JunConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Galvanizers Association Galvanizing Awards (GAGAs)~27th Jun~26th JunConstruction & ArchitectureUK & Republic of Ireland
The ITA Tunnelling Awards~30th Jun~18th NovConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
World Demolition Awards 30th Jun20th OctConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
RIBA Stirling Prize~1st Jul~1st OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Architecture Community World Design Awards1st Jul30th SepConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Building Awards2nd Jul2nd NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Ground Engineering GE Awards2nd Jul23rd NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Pitched Roofing Awards2nd Jul26th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The British Engineering Excellence Awards~3rd Jul~23rd OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
UK Roofing Awards~3rd Jul5th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Building Innovation Awards~3rd Jul~5th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Offsite Construction Awards~3rd Jul~22nd SepConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Institution of Engineering and Technology IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards~5th Jul~3rd DecConstruction & ArchitectureUK
On the Tools Awards ~5th Jul~15th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Glossop Award~10th Jul~25th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
What House? Awards16th Jul19th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering~17th Jul~3rd DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year Award~17th Jul~1st NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The ECA Annual Awards 23rd Jul22nd OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Civic Trust Awards~24th Jul~1st MarConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
SEED Awards for Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion in Design~1st Aug~17th OctConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Lifting Equipment Engineers Association LEEA Awards~9th Aug~13th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
International Property Awards (UK)13th Aug~25th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
ISTT NO-DIG Awards~15th Aug~17th NovConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Global Future Design Awards15th Aug29th SepConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
New Civil Engineer NCE Graduate & Apprentice Awards~21st Aug~27th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Builders' Merchants News Awards ~28th Aug~20th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Architecture MasterPrize~31st Aug~15th OctConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
International Residential Architecture Awards 31st Aug30th NovConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Steelie Awards (World Steel Association) ~1st Sep~16th OctConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
CIBSE Building Performance Awards~3rd Sep~25th FebConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Awards~4th Sep~2nd DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Construction Computing Awards (The Hammers) ~11th Sep~12th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Construction Marketing Awards~18th Sep~28th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
BLT Built Design Awards19th Sep1st NovConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Surface Design Awards ~25th Sep~11th FebConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Plant & Civil Engineer Construction, Quarry & Recycling Awards~25th Sep~22nd NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
LOOP Design Awards~30th Sep~7th DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
AJ Specification Awards~31st Oct~3rd FebConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Pritzker Architecture Prize~1st Nov~1st MayConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
International Interior Design IID Awards~5th Nov~10th DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Royal Academy of Engineering Major Projects Award~9th Nov~27th JunConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Royal Academy of Engineering Awards~9th Nov~11th JulConstruction & ArchitectureUK
ArchFrame Design Awards10th Nov30th DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) International Awards~15th Nov~25th JunConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
RIBAJ MacEwen Award~16th Nov~21st DecConstruction & ArchitectureUK
National Fenestration Awards~24th Nov~28th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Architects Journal W Award~27th Nov~6th MarConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Enginuity Skills Awards (Engineering) ~28th Nov17th MarConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Homebuilding & Renovating Awards~30th Nov~24th JulConstruction & ArchitectureUK
WA Awards (World Architecture) ~30th Nov~8th MayConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The International Architecture Awards~1st Dec~1st SepConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The AJ Retrofit Awards~4th Dec~23rd FebConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Architectural Review AR Future Project Awards~5th Dec17th MarConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The British Expertise International Awards~6th Dec~21st OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Architect of the Year Awards~10th Dec~31st DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Architizer A+ Firm Awards~11th Dec~31st JanConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The APLD International Landscape Design Awards~15th Dec~1st FebConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Transparent Construction Awards~15th Dec~3rd DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Pro Landscaper Business Awards~18th Dec23rd AprConstruction & ArchitectureUK
ASBP Awards ~18th Dec~25th FebConstruction & ArchitectureUK
NHBC Health and Safety Awards (house builders)~10th Jan~20th MayConstruction & ArchitectureUK
AJ Small Projects Awards ~15th Jan~2nd MarConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Master Builder Awards~15th Jan24th SepConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Building Controls Industry Association BCIA Awards~22nd Jan6th MayConstruction & ArchitectureUK
National Federation of Demolition Contractors NFDC Awards~31st Jan~27th MarConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Architecture in Perspective Annual Competition~3rd Feb~12th OctConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
AJ100 Awards~5th Feb~16th JunConstruction & ArchitectureUK
ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards~10th Feb~18th FebConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Housebuilder Product Awards~12th Feb~29th OctConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Society of Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) Global Design Awards ~14th Feb10th JunConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Inside Housing Development Awards~18th Feb4th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Construction Awards of Excellence~19th Feb15th AprConstruction & ArchitectureUK
ACE Consultancy & Engineering Awards ~21st Feb~4th JunConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Housing Design Awards~26th Feb~13th JulConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Planning Awards~26th Feb~6th JunConstruction & ArchitectureUK & Republic of Ireland
The International Green Apple Awards for Beautiful Buildings~28th Feb12th AprConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award~28th Feb~15th AprConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
SIT Furniture Design Award~28th Feb1st AprConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
World Habitat Awards15th Mar~14th DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Construction Manager of the Year Awards19th Mar29th SepConstruction & ArchitectureUK
TITAN Property Awards24th Mar20th MayConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Inspire Awards26th Mar8th JulConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards30th Mar30th MayConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The IOC/IAKS Award for Sports & Leisure Facilities ~31st Mar~7th NovConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Architectural Review AR New into Old Awards1st Apr~1st DecConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
The Structural Awards 12th Apr~6th NovConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Shed of the Year Awards 12th Apr~20th AugConstruction & ArchitectureUK
Constructing Excellence Awards23rd Apr3rd JunConstruction & ArchitectureUK
The Architizer A+ Architecture Awards23rd Apr~4th AugConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
Concrete Society Awards28th Apr17th NovConstruction & ArchitectureUK
WAN Awards 29th Apr~24th OctConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
World Interiors News WIN Awards 29th Apr~22nd FebConstruction & ArchitectureInternational
LIV Hospitality Design Awards30th Apr1st JunConstruction & ArchitectureInternational

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