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What to expect at an awards ceremony

Which are the best HR awards to enter?

Have you successfully delivered a major HR strategy or project over the past year? If so, that project, your team, or the individuals involved may be eligible for an award. But with so many awards out there, do you need some help picking which award schemes to enter? Whether its talent management, recruitment, employee engagement or learning and development… Boost’s Sally Nelson says there’s an HR award and category that will be a perfect match for you. read more

Previous Awards News

Barclays Entrepreneur Awards

As part of our Awards Spotlight series highlighting the most credible UK business awards to enter, Faye Renshaw from Boost put Barclays Entrepreneur Awards organiser, Juliet Rogan, in the hot seat to find out more about the scheme and the benefits of entering. read more

Which Training Awards Should I Enter?

With training awards season approaching, Boost’s Sally Nelson explores which awards are best suited for your training programme, L&D project or people development scheme. Winning Best Training Programme or Training Team of the Year could prove invaluable. read more

The A to Z of Awards

The awards sector is booming with literally thousands of award schemes taking place around the world each year. Our free list of business awards contains over 3,500 active listings and is still growing! And while you’ve no doubt heard of the industry heavy-hitters such as The National Business Awards, The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, Employee Benefits Awards, Masters of Marketing Awards or UK IT Awards, there’s a plethora of obscure and incredibly niche ones too. Xenia Kingsley explores the wonderful world of awards. read more

How to Win Business Awards

Okay, so you’ve achieved something big within your business and now you want to shout about it – and rightly so. The extensive world of awards awaits you…but how do you ensure your entry makes the coveted shortlist, and gives you the best chance of proudly accepting a shiny new trophy? Boost talk you through how to win business awards. read more

What to Expect at an Award Ceremony

The time has come – after months of planning, collating info, crafting your written submission and maybe even presenting to a panel of judges…it all leads up to the big day – the award ceremony! So, what can you expect at the event? Glitz? Glamour? Dad-dancing at the post-show disco? These come as standard! But to help you navigate through what else you can expect, here’s a few insights: read more

The Positive Psychological Effects of Winning

Cast your mind back to your childhood and think of a time you won something. Whether that win was for a sports day race, talent show performance, swimming gala or a quiz in class, chances are you remember feeling great. read more

Yes, Enter Awards, But Think Twice Before Writing The Entry Yourself

So you have an excellent initiative, worthy of a credible Business Award. Surely this means the award is yours? Just tell the judge the facts and job done. It’s in the bag. Sadly, as with court proceedings, tendering for business, and even requests for funding, it is not enough simply to deserve to win. Between the act of deserving an award and winning an award is the written entry. read more

Boost – Everyone’s a Winner Baby

You may have already done your background research on what we as a company have won over the years, but what about the people within Boost I hear you ask? Some of our staff were winning awards from childhood, but they may differ slightly to the awards we lend our service to today. read more

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