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What to expect at an awards ceremony

What to Expect at an Award Ceremony

The time has come – after months of planning, collating info, crafting your written submission and maybe even presenting to a panel of judges…it all leads up to the big day – the award ceremony! So, what can you expect at the event? Glitz? Glamour? Dad-dancing at the post-show disco? These come as standard! But to help you navigate through what else you can expect, here’s a few insights: read more

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How to Win Business Awards

Okay, so you’ve achieved something big within your business and now you want to shout about it – and rightly so. The extensive world of awards awaits you…but how do you ensure your entry makes the coveted shortlist, and gives you the best chance of proudly accepting a shiny new trophy? Boost talk you through how to win business awards. read more

The Positive Psychological Effects of Winning

Cast your mind back to your childhood and think of a time you won something. Whether that win was for a sports day race, talent show performance, swimming gala or a quiz in class, chances are you remember feeling great. read more

Boost – Everyone’s a Winner Baby

You may have already done your background research on what we as a company have won over the years, but what about the people within Boost I hear you ask? Some of our staff were winning awards from childhood, but they may differ slightly to the awards we lend our service to today. read more

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