List of UK Financial Services Awards, Banking Awards and Insurance Awards

This is the world’s best list of UK Financial Services Awards. It includes all the most credible UK Banking Awards and Insurance Awards such as The British Accountancy Awards, The Banking Technology Awards, The UK Pensions Awards, The British Mortgage Awards and The British Insurance Awards.

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Please note: the “~” symbol means that the date is based on the previous year’s awards programme or is an estimate based on the information available. We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy (we try our best!) so always visit the individual awards’ websites for the latest information.


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Award nameIndustryRegionDeadline DateAwarding Date
Growth Investor Awards Financial ServicesUK2nd Jun8th Nov
Investment Week Fund Services Awards Financial ServicesUK5th Jun4th Oct
The UK Broker AwardsFinancial ServicesUK7th Jun15th Sep
The UK Angel Investment Awards Financial ServicesUK9th Jun6th Jul
Cover Excellence AwardFinancial ServicesUK16th Jun4th Oct
The Financial Services Forum Marketing Effectiveness AwardsFinancial ServicesUK22nd Jun~1st Dec
Education Investor AwardsFinancial ServicesUK23rd Jun~16th Nov
The Insurance Fraud AwardsFinancial ServicesUK28th Jun5th Oct
MoneyAge AwardsFinancial ServicesUK30th Jun12th Oct
The AccountingWeb Practice Excellence AwardsFinancial ServicesUK30th Jun19th Oct
Sustainable Investment Awards Financial ServicesUK3rd Jul17th Nov
The British Accountancy AwardsFinancial ServicesUK7th Jul13th Oct
Unquote British Private Equity Awards Financial ServicesUK12th Jul3rd Oct
CIR Risk Management AwardsFinancial ServicesUK14th Jul9th Nov
Pensions Insight DC Awards Financial ServicesUK14th Jul15th Nov
Financial Adviser Service AwardsFinancial ServicesUK21st Jul~19th Nov
Payments AwardsFinancial ServicesUK21st Jul16th Nov
Insurance Times AwardsFinancial ServicesUK27th Jul7th Dec
Personal Finance Awards Financial ServicesUK28th Jul22nd Nov
Insurance Age & LV Broker Apprentice SchemeFinancial ServicesUK~30th Jul~14th Nov
Professional Pensions Investment AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~30th Jul~18th Nov
The FT & Investors Chronicle Investment and Wealth Management AwardsFinancial ServicesUK31st Jul23rd Nov
Health Insurance AwardsFinancial ServicesUK31st Jul19th Oct
Banking Technology AwardsFinancial ServicesUK4th Aug6th Dec
CIPP Excellence AwardsFinancial ServicesUK11th Aug5th Oct
City A M AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~12th Aug~10th Nov
The PwC AIM Awards Financial ServicesUK~19th Aug12th Oct
Thomson Reuters Compliance AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~28th Aug~24th Nov
The Compliance Register Platinum Awards Financial ServicesUK~30th Aug~1st Dec
CCR Credit Excellence Awards Financial ServicesUK~31st Aug~4th Oct
Gold Standard AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~1st Sep~16th Nov
Insurance Day London Market Awards Financial ServicesUK~2nd Sep~24th Nov Buy-Side Awards Financial ServicesUK~5th Sep30th Nov
The Underwriting Service AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~7th Sep~16th Nov
Project Finance Deal of the Year AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~15th Sep~1st Nov
Risk Awards Financial ServicesUK~15th Sep~25th Jan
Proshare Annual Awards Financial ServicesUK15th Sep6th Dec
Mortgage Finance Gazette AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~16th Sep~21st Nov
The Specialist Finance (SFI) Awards Financial ServicesUK~16th Sep~21st Oct
PAM (Private Asset Managers) AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~16th Sep~2nd Mar
The Digital and InsurTech Awards Financial ServicesUK28th Sep17th Nov
Equity Release Awards Financial ServicesUK~7th Oct~22nd Nov
The Professional Adviser Awards Financial ServicesUK~14th Oct~9th Feb
Mortgage Strategy AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~21st Oct~29th Mar
Corporate Adviser AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~28th Oct~28th Feb
Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) British Credit AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~28th Oct~7th Feb
Citi Microentrepreneurship AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~7th Nov~28th Mar
The Pensions Age Awards Financial ServicesUK~9th Nov~23rd Feb
Business Moneyfacts AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~11th Nov~16th Mar
Consumer Moneyfacts AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~18th Nov~25th Jan
The UK Pensions AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~25th Nov4th May
UK Captive Services Awards Financial ServicesUK~2nd Dec~9th Feb
CIR Commercial Insurance AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~9th Dec~9th Mar
Money Marketing AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~6th Jan22nd Jun
CIPFA Public Finance Innovation AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~6th Jan~20th Apr
British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) Management Team AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~6th Jan~14th Mar
UK Stock Market Awards Financial ServicesUK~12th Jan~30th Mar
PRCA City and Financial Awards Financial ServicesUK~13th Jan~22nd Feb
Credit Today AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~10th Feb11th May
British Bank Awards Financial ServicesUK~12th Feb~17th Feb
The Taxation AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~17th Feb18th May
Trading Risk AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~20th Feb~6th Apr
BPP Apprentice of the Year AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~24th Feb~10th Mar
FT Pension and Investment Provider (PIPA) AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~24th Feb24th May
Moneyfacts AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~28th Feb6th Jun
The Claims AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~1st Mar1st Jun
City of London Wealth Management AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~3rd Mar~30th Mar
The Portfolio Institutional AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~11th Mar5th Oct
Insurance Times Claims Excellence AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~14th Mar18th May
The British Insurance AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~15th Mar5th Jul
Credit Today Car Finance AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~24th Mar8th Jun
Women in Banking and Finance Awards for AchievementFinancial ServicesUK~31st Mar9th Jun
Moneywise Customer Service Awards Financial ServicesUK~31st Mar~13th Jun
Claims Management AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~3rd Apr8th Jun
Professional Pensions Pension Scheme of the Year AwardFinancial ServicesUK~6th Apr27th Jun
Your Money Direct AwardsFinancial ServicesUK~7th Apr~12th Jul
Engaged Investor Trustee Awards Financial ServicesUK~11th Apr13th Jul
Retirement Planner Awards Financial ServicesUK~20th Apr16th Jun
The Bridging and Commercial Awards Financial ServicesUK~24th Apr8th Jun
British Mortgage AwardsFinancial ServicesUK5th May6th Jul
UK Financial Services Experience Awards Financial ServicesUK5th May13th Jul
Investment Life and Pensions Moneyfacts AwardsFinancial ServicesUK19th May21st Sep
Schroders UK Platform AwardsFinancial ServicesUK27th May26th Sep
Finance for the Future Awards Financial ServicesUK31st May12th Oct

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