List of UK Marketing Awards, PR Awards, Event Awards and Advertising Awards

This is the world’s best list of UK Marketing Awards and Advertising Awards. Featuring all of The Drum Awards, B2B Marketing Awards, DMA Awards, UK Search Awards and Women in Marketing Awards amongst many others.  It also includes all the most credible PR awards and Event Awards such as The CIPR Excellence Awards, PRweek Best Place to Work and the PRCA Awards.You may also want to check out our list of International Marketing Awards and International Advertising Awards on our sister site

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Please note: the “~” symbol means that the date is based on the previous year’s awards programme or is an estimate based on the information available. We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy (we try our best!) so always visit the individual awards’ websites for the latest information.


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Award nameIndustryRegionDeadline DateAwarding Date
PRWeek Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK8th Jun18th Oct
London International AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK9th Jun1st Nov
Marketing New Thinking AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK9th Jun27th Sep
CorpComms DigiAwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK9th Jun14th Sep
CIPR PRide AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK13th Jun28th Sep
Event AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK14th Jun22nd Nov
UK Agency Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK16th Jun13th Sep
APM Project Management AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK19th Jun20th Nov
BestFor PRMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK22nd Jun22nd Jun
B2B Marketing AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK26th Jun23rd Nov
Media Week AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK29th Jun12th Oct
Media Owner AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK30th Jun~15th Nov
Field Marketing and Brand Experience FMBE Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK4th Jul19th Oct
MRS AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK6th Jul4th Dec
Franchise Marketing AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK7th Jul~1st Apr
The IPM COGS Awards (Institute of Promotional Marketing)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK13th Jul22nd Sep
BE Connected Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK13th Jul19th Oct
PRCA AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK14th Jul7th Nov
The Drum DADI AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK21st Jul19th Oct
Database Marketing AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK22nd Jul28th Sep
The Drum Content Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK28th Jul7th Nov
Marketing and Digital Recruitment AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK31st Jul30th Nov
The Meetings Industry Marketing Awards (MIMA)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK31st Jul25th Sep
The Creative Disruptors Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~2nd Aug~12th May
Corpcomms AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~5th Aug~23rd Nov
Social Buzz AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~5th Aug~30th Nov
Digital Entrepreneur AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~11th Aug~9th Nov
The Drum Dream Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~16th Aug~11th Oct
Campaign Big AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~17th Aug~19th Oct
Creative Out Of Home Awards (COOH) Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~26th Aug~23rd Nov
The Premier Digital AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~28th Aug~12th Nov
The Drum Cream Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~31st Aug~16th Nov
Screen AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK1st Sep30th Nov
PPA Digital Awards (Professional Publishers Association)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~6th Sep~8th Nov
The EVCOM Live AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~12th Sep~18th Nov
Internet Advertising Bureau IAB Creative Showcase Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~12th Sep~24th Nov
The DMA AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK15th Sep5th Dec
The Drum UK Event Awards (UKEA)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~16th Sep~1st Dec
UK Search AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~23rd Sep~30th Nov
PPA Customer Direct AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~23rd Sep~23rd Nov
Women in Marketing AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~29th Sep~10th Nov
Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) ICon Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~30th Sep~10th Nov
Newsworks Planning Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~30th Sep~30th Nov
PPA Connect Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~30th Sep~5th Dec
The #DoDifferent Awards (Marketing Agencies Association & The Guardian) Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~17th Oct~2nd Mar
British Excellence in Sales and Marketing (BESMA) AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~19th Oct~9th Mar
PRWeek Best Place to Work Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~30th Oct~2nd Feb
The UnAwards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~31st Oct~1st Dec
Marketing and PR Brilliance Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~11th Nov~1st Dec
CIPR #Insidestory AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~30th Nov~25th Feb
The Event Production Awards (EPAs)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~30th Nov~1st Mar
CIM Marketing Excellence AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~12th Dec27th Apr
PRmoment Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~16th Dec~16th Mar
UK Sponsorship AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~16th Jan~28th Mar
Women of Tomorrow Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~19th Jan~8th Mar
Fresh PR AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~24th Jan~23rd Feb
Performance Marketing AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~27th Jan~25th Apr
The Marketing Society Excellence AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~3rd Feb14th Jun
Roses Creative Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~10th Feb4th May
Design Advertising and Digital (D&AD) Professional AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~15th Feb~25th Apr
The Drum Marketing AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~17th Feb30th May
The Connected Consumer Awards (The Connies)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~17th Feb3rd May
Internal Communications Brilliance Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~20th Feb~23rd Mar
The Drum RAR Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~21st Feb26th Apr
CIPR Excellence AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~22nd Feb6th Jun
The BCSC Purple Apple Marketing Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~22nd Feb4th May
The Drum Digital Trading Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~24th Feb31st May
The IPM Awards (Institute of Promotional Marketing)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~28th Feb7th Jun
Chip Shop AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~8th Mar7th Jun
British Arrows Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~10th Mar24th May
UK Biddable Media Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~10th Mar25th May
The Drum Marketing on Mobile Awards (MOMAs)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~16th Mar11th May
MEMCOM Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~20th Mar17th May
The Insurance Marketing & PR AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~22nd Mar9th Jun
D&AD New Blood Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~22nd Mar~2nd Jul
CRN Sales & Marketing AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~24th Mar29th Jun
Design Week AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~29th Mar13th Jun
AEO Excellence Awards (Association of Event Organisers)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~31st Mar16th Jun
Clear Channel Outdoor Media AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~31st Mar~5th May
The PRCA DARE AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~13th Apr~2nd Jun
Masterclassing Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK~13th Apr27th Jun
Institute of Internal Communication Awards (IoIC)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK28th Apr29th Sep
BIMA Awards (British Interactive Media Association)Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK28th Apr~15th Sep
The Masters of Marketing Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK1st May3rd Oct
Marketing Week Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK1st May3rd Oct
Campaign Creative Tech Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK5th May12th Jun
B2B Marketing People Awards Marketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK7th May22nd Jun
IPA Effectiveness AwardsMarketing PR Events & AdvertisingUK15th May13th Oct

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