List of UK HR Awards and Training Awards

This is the world’s best list of UK HR Awards and Training Awards. It includes all the most credible national HR Awards and Recruitment Awards such as The Personnel Today Awards, HR Excellence Awards, The CIPD People Management Awards and The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For. It also features Employee Benefits Awards and The National Diversity Awards. UK Training awards include The TJ Awards and The Learning Awards amongst many others.   

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Please note: the “~” symbol means that the date is based on the previous year’s awards programme or is an estimate based on the information available. We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy (we try our best!) so always visit the individual awards’ websites for the latest information.

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Award nameIndustryRegionDeadline DateAwarding Date
Corporate Adviser AwardsHR & TrainingUK1st Feb26th Jun
Conscious Employer AwardsHR & TrainingUK1st Feb22nd Mar
Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative RIDI Awards HR & TrainingUK1st Feb11th Apr
UK Employee Experience AwardsHR & TrainingUK15th Feb16th May
HPMA Excellence AwardsHR & TrainingUK20th Feb6th Jun
The LEAD Awards HR & TrainingInternational28th Feb5th Mar
IELA International E-Learning Awards - Business DivisionHR & TrainingInternational1st Mar14th Jun
HR Excellence Awards (HR Magazine)HR & TrainingUK11th Mar2nd Jul
CIPD Recruitment Marketing AwardsHR & TrainingUK~15th Mar~12th Jul
ATD BEST Awards HR & TrainingInternational15th Mar~5th Oct
Tomorrow's Health and Safety Awards HR & TrainingUK~16th Mar~1st Apr
Workplace Savings & Benefits (WSB) AwardsHR & TrainingUK22nd Mar5th Sep
The enei Awards (Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion)HR & TrainingUK22nd Mar2nd Jul
Working Families Best Practice Awards HR & TrainingUK25th Mar~20th Jun
Princess Royal Training Awards HR & TrainingUK29th Mar~24th Nov
Global Recruiter Industry AwardsHR & TrainingUK29th Mar20th Jun
Relocate Awards HR & TrainingInternational~31st Mar~10th May
The CIPD People Management AwardsHR & TrainingUK11th Apr~25th Sep
Brandon Hall Excellence in Human Capital Management ProgramHR & TrainingInternational12th Apr~1st Feb
Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) Circle of Excellence Awards HR & TrainingInternational~16th Apr~18th Jul
Institute of Student Employers ISE Recruitment AwardsHR & TrainingUK~16th Apr~10th Jul
DIVA AwardsHR & TrainingUK~18th Apr~8th Jun
The Student Employee of the Year Awards (SEOTY)HR & TrainingUK~20th Apr~27th Jun
Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence HR & TrainingInternational~22nd Apr~17th Nov
The Global Healthy Workplace Awards (GHWAwards)HR & TrainingInternational~23rd Apr~6th Sep
ICF International Prism Award HR & TrainingInternational23rd Apr~25th Aug
Institute of Internal Communication Awards (IoIC)HR & TrainingUK26th Apr27th Sep
The TJ Awards (Training Journal)HR & TrainingUK~27th Apr~4th Dec
The Peer Award for Excellence in People & PerformanceHR & TrainingInternational~27th Apr~29th Jun
Pink News AwardsHR & TrainingUK~27th Apr~17th Oct
The RoSPA Health and Safety AwardsHR & TrainingUK29th Apr6th Jun
Great Place to Work - Best Workplaces for Women HR & TrainingUK30th Apr4th Jul
Investing in Ethnicity AwardsHR & TrainingUK~1st May~1st Nov
BITC Best Employers for Race / Race Equality AwardsHR & TrainingUK~2nd May~3rd Sep
The RewardsHR & TrainingInternational~4th May~7th Nov
Global Talent Management Leadership AwardsHR & TrainingInternational~5th May~12th Oct
Pillar World Awards HR & TrainingInternational~10th May~25th Jun
The National Apprenticeship AwardsHR & TrainingUK~25th May~28th Nov
Social Mobility Index HR & TrainingUK28th May~11th Jul
National Diversity Awards HR & TrainingUK~1st Jun~8th Sep
The Investors in People AwardsHR & TrainingUK~8th Jun19th Nov
IELA International E-Learning Awards - Academic DivisionHR & TrainingInternational10th Jun~25th Sep
ABP Workforce Experience AwardsHR & TrainingUK~11th Jun~11th Oct
Personnel Today AwardsHR & TrainingUK~22nd Jun~21st Nov
The Engagement Excellence AwardsHR & TrainingUK~24th Jun~9th Oct
The Learning Technologies Awards HR & TrainingInternational28th Jun27th Nov
Pitman Training Super Achievers Awards HR & TrainingUK~29th Jun~5th May
The Digiday WorkLife AwardsHR & TrainingInternational~29th Jun~14th Nov
APSCo Awards for Excellence (recruitment)HR & TrainingUK~10th Jul~16th Oct
The Engage Awards HR & TrainingUK15th Jul11th Nov
The Stevie Awards for Great Employers HR & TrainingInternational17th Jul20th Sep
HR in Hospitality Awards for ExcellenceHR & TrainingUK~20th Jul~28th Sep Top Employer AwardsHR & TrainingUK~20th Jul~7th Nov
Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards HR & TrainingUK~20th Jul~31st Oct
REC Institute of Recruitment Professionals Awards HR & TrainingUK~27th Jul~29th Nov
In-house Recruitment Awards for ExcellenceHR & TrainingUK~31st Jul~28th Nov
Baxendale UK Employee Ownership AwardsHR & TrainingUK~31st Jul~19th Nov
The Prince Michael International Road Safety AwardsHR & TrainingInternational~31st Jul~11th Dec
Online Learning Consortium Fellows ProgramHR & TrainingInternational~31st Jul~13th Nov
Asian Apprenticeship Awards HR & TrainingUK~31st Jul~2nd Nov
The Times Top 100 Graduate EmployersHR & TrainingUK~1st Aug~1st Sep
The Inclusive Companies AwardsHR & TrainingUK~1st Aug~15th Nov
Incentive Magazine Motivation Masters AwardsHR & TrainingInternational~31st Aug~29th Jan
National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs)HR & TrainingUK~7th Sep~14th Nov
Sword of HonourHR & TrainingUK~7th Sep~30th Nov
Globe of HonourHR & TrainingUK~7th Sep~30th Nov
Stonewall Top 100 Employers HR & TrainingUK~7th Sep~1st Jan
Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology ProgramHR & TrainingInternational~7th Sep~14th Dec
The FT OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Models ListsHR & TrainingUK~7th Sep~25th Oct
The Recruitment International UK Awards (RI Awards)HR & TrainingInternational~13th Sep~4th Oct
The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work ForHR & TrainingUK~14th Sep~24th Feb
Inclusive Top 50 Employers HR & TrainingUK~14th Sep~22nd Nov
Training Magazine’s Training Top 125 AwardHR & TrainingInternational~17th Sep25th Feb
Global Equality & Diversity AwardsHR & TrainingInternational~21st Sep~22nd Nov
Inspiration in HR Award HR & TrainingUK~24th Sep~21st Nov
The Learning AwardsHR & TrainingUK~28th Sep7th Feb
RAD Awards (Recruitment Advertising)HR & TrainingUK~28th Sep31st Jan
HR Brilliance Awards HR & TrainingUK1st Oct5th Dec
Internal Communications Brilliance AwardsHR & TrainingUK1st Oct5th Dec
National Centre for Diversity NCFD Grand Awards HR & TrainingUK~12th Oct17th Jan
Global Diversity ListHR & TrainingInternational~26th Oct~29th Nov
Safety Groups UK AwardsHR & TrainingUK~9th Nov~30th Jan
ONREC Online Recruitment AwardsHR & TrainingUK~13th Nov7th Mar Top Training CompaniesHR & TrainingInternational~14th Nov~1st Mar
Great Place to WorkHR & TrainingInternational~15th Nov~27th Apr
The Employee Wellbeing Awards HR & TrainingUK~16th Nov7th Feb
BITC Gender Equality Awards HR & TrainingInternational~22nd Nov24th Apr
Tech & Learning's Stellar Service AwardsHR & TrainingInternational~22nd Nov~1st Jan
The IFTDO Global HRD AwardsHR & TrainingInternational~30th Nov18th Mar
British LGBT Awards HR & TrainingUK~30th Nov17th May
The Firm AwardsHR & TrainingInternational~30th Nov21st Mar
Diversity Champion AwardHR & TrainingInternational~1st Dec1st Jan
Top Employer Institute Certification Programme HR & TrainingInternational~1st Dec~1st Jan
Best Places to Work (Business Intelligence Group)HR & TrainingInternational~7th Dec11th Feb
British Ex-Forces in Business AwardsHR & TrainingUK~14th Dec8th May
Workplace Wellbeing IndexHR & TrainingUK14th Dec~11th Apr
City and Guilds Medals for ExcellenceHR & TrainingUK~20th Dec~2nd Jan
Global HR Excellence AwardsHR & TrainingInternational20th Dec15th Feb
BITC Diversity Benchmark HR & TrainingUK31st Dec~1st Jan
PPMA Excellence in People Management Awards HR & TrainingUK7th Jan15th May
The HR Distinction AwardsHR & TrainingUK11th Jan2nd May
Employee Benefits AwardsHR & TrainingUK14th Jan7th Jun
The GEO Awards HR & TrainingInternational18th Jan11th Apr
TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment AwardsHR & TrainingUK25th Jan4th Apr
International Safety Awards (British Safety Council)HR & TrainingInternational25th Jan~27th Apr
National Mentoring AwardsHR & TrainingUK27th Jan1st Mar
The Recruiter AwardsHR & TrainingUK30th Jan9th May
Gartner Communications AwardsHR & TrainingInternational31st Jan1st May
BSIF Safety AwardsHR & TrainingUK31st Jan10th Apr
The Safety & Health Excellence AwardsHR & TrainingUK31st Jan10th Apr

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