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List of UK IT Awards, Digital Awards, Mobile Awards and Technology Awards

This is the world’s best list of UK IT Awards. It includes all the most credible UK digital awards and national technology awards across the IT and Telecommunications sectors. Awards listed include The UK IT Industry Awards, PwC UK Tech Awards, Comms National Awards, The Sunday Times Tech Track 100, UK Cloud Awards, Computing Awards, Real IT Awards and The Mobile Industry Awards among many others. 

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Please note: the “~” symbol means that the date is based on the previous year’s awards programme or is an estimate based on the information available.
We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy (we try our best!) so always visit the individual awards’ websites for the latest information.
Award nameDeadline DateAwarding DateIndustryRegion
TIGA Games Industry Awards4th Sep24th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
UK App Awards4th Sep12th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
JAX Innovation Awards 7th Sep5th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Program10th Sep27th JanIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Digiday Technology Awards 11th Sep~14th NovIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
UK Business Tech Awards11th Sep25th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Red Hat Innovation Awards13th Sep1st AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The VR Now Awards15th Sep12th NovIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Computing Security Excellence Awards18th Sep2nd DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Glotel Awards 18th Sep19th NovIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The SMARTIES X (Mobile Marketing Association MMA)23rd Sep10th NovIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Tech Trailblazers Awards 25th Sep~5th DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
CEO and Leadership - Tech Ascension Awards25th Sep20th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
UK Cloud Awards 30th Sep30th OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Professional Service Management Awards30th Sep16th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The MobileWebAwards30th Sep~20th DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
dotCOMM Awards
Honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication.
30th Sep1st OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
CSO50 Awards~1st Oct7th DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
EMEA Inavation Awards 5th Oct2nd FebIT & TelecommunicationsUK
SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards ~6th Oct~16th MarIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Microsoft Advertising Regional Partner Awards~11th Oct~4th DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
FICO Decisions Awards ~15th Oct~1st DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing 16th Oct23rd NovIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
IT Service & Support Awards~18th Oct~17th MarIT & TelecommunicationsUK
ISTQB® International Software Testing Excellence Award~19th Oct~25th NovIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
IoT Global Awards 19th Oct~11th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Cyber Defense Global Awards~21st Oct~9th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Computing Security Awards~22nd Oct~17th OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Digital Entrepreneur Awards~23rd Oct~21st NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The IxDA Interaction Awards ~26th Oct~7th FebIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Women in IT Awards ~27th Oct~29th JanIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The DCD Data Center Industry Awards~27th Oct~5th DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
VRCORE Awards~30th Oct~21st NovIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards ~30th Oct~2nd NovIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Cloud Awards~1st Nov~24th JanIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Eurostar Testing Excellence Awards~1st Nov~26th FebIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Media Excellence Awards ~2nd Nov~1st DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
VEGA Digital Awards
International awards celebrating the top talent from across all aspects of the digital industries.
12th Nov28th DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Big Data - Tech Ascension Awards13th Nov10th DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The GSMA Global Mobile Glomo Awards~20th Nov~24th FebIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
PC Retail Awards (PCR)~22nd Nov~4th MarIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Geospatial World Awards ~30th Nov~7th AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
KPMG’s Best British Tech Pioneer BBTP Competition~1st Dec~23rd FebIT & TelecommunicationsUK
CIO Hall of Fame~2nd Dec~13th AugIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest ~4th Dec~24th FebIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Awwwards~4th Dec~4th JanIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
MCV Industry Excellence Awards (Market for Computer & Video Games) ~6th Dec~7th MarIT & TelecommunicationsUK
DevOps - Tech Ascension Awards11th Dec7th JanIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
BAFTA British Academy Games Awards ~13th Dec~2nd AprIT & TelecommunicationsUK
DigitalAgenda Impact Awards ~16th Dec~18th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Info Securitys PG's Global Excellence Awards~20th Dec~24th FebIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
CSS Design Awards ~20th Dec~20th JanIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Data Leaders Awards ~22nd Dec~23rd MayIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Best Mobile App Awards ~30th Dec~30th JanIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Interactive Media Awards (IMA)~31st Dec~31st MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 31st Dec~15th FebIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
CRN Women in Channel Awards~1st Jan14th OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
SAP Innovation Awards~3rd Jan~18th MarIT & TelecommunicationsUK
International Mobile Gaming Awards~6th Jan27th JulIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The IHS Markit Innovation Awards~6th Jan~7th JanIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Computing DevOps Excellence Awards~10th Jan~18th MarIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
CIO 100 Awards~13th Jan19th AugIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The AI 100 (Artificial Intelligence)~15th Jan~12th FebIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
SIIA CODiE Awards~17th Jan~18th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Network Computing Awards~24th Jan~2nd AprIT & TelecommunicationsUK
RegTech Insight Awards~24th Jan~15th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Women in Open Source Awards ~27th Jan~8th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
IBM Beacon Awards and IBM Cloud, Data and AI Excellence Awards~28th Jan~20th MarIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Mobile News Awards~31st Jan~12th MarIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Real IT Awards (RITA) ~31st Jan~15th JulIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The ISPA Awards (Internet Service Provider Association)~31st Jan~2nd JulIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Bingoport Players Choice Awards~31st Jan~7th FebIT & TelecommunicationsUK
I-COM Data Creativity Awards ~31st Jan~12th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards~5th Feb~9th MarIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Webby Awards~7th Feb~25th AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards ~7th Feb~4th MarIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
VR Expo Awards~8th Feb~22nd MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The ITSM Industry Awards (IT Service Management) ~9th Feb~5th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The IDEAS Awards~12th Feb~8th AprIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The National Cyber Awards~14th Feb~25th MarIT & TelecommunicationsUK
VMware Global Partner Innovation Awards ~15th Feb~6th AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Midemlab Global Music Startup and App Competition~18th Feb~2nd JunIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Datacentre Solutions Awards (DCS)~21st Feb~14th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The A' Website and Web Design Awards ~28th Feb~15th AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Digital Leaders DL100 Awards ~28th Feb~17th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Awards ~1st Mar~18th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
AOTMP Telecom Management Awards~6th Mar~22nd AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Temkin Group Customer Experience Vendor Excellence (CxVE) Awards~8th Mar~1st SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
IoT Industry Solutions Awards 14th Mar~30th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Comms Dealer Sales and Marketing Awards~16th Mar3rd DecIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The IP Theft Awards~16th Mar~14th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
NFC Innovation Awards ~16th Mar~23rd JunIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Mobile Industry Awards~19th Mar25th SepIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Inside Market Data Awards & Inside Reference Data Awards~20th Mar~19th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Storage Awards (The Storries)~20th Mar~18th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The Openstack Superuser Awards~22nd Mar~30th AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Future Stars of Tech ~22nd Mar~24th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Connected Britain Awards~23rd Mar~18th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Digital Technology Leaders Awards ~27th Mar~8th JulIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The Privacy Culture Awards~31st Mar~17th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Broadcast Digital Awards~3rd Apr~1st JulIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Comms Business Awards~3rd Apr23rd OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
EGR (eGaming Review) Marketing & Innovation Awards~3rd Apr~23rd JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards~3rd Apr~12th JunIT & TelecommunicationsUK
TV Connect Awards~3rd Apr~9th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Techies by Techworld ~9th Apr~9th MayIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Auggie Awards ~15th Apr~28th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
CRN Sales & Marketing Awards ~17th Apr~14th JulIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards~17th Apr~1st JulIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
MediaPost Appy Awards ~19th Apr~15th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Cyber Risk Awards~24th Apr~18th JunIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Fortress Cyber Security Awards ~24th Apr~1st JunIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The TiE50 Awards (Technology Startups)~27th Apr~8th MayIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Event Technology Awards (ETA)~30th Apr~6th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Cyberjutsu Awards ~30th Apr~8th AugIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Cloud Technology - Tech Ascension Awards~30th Apr~28th AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
IBC Innovation Awards~1st May11th SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Future Digital Awards Technology and Innovation ~8th May~12th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The AIconics ~10th May1st SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards ~12th May19th JulIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
IT World Awards ~15th May~22nd JunIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
World Communication Awards (Total Telecom)~21st May28th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
VR Awards ~21st May27th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Computing Women in IT Excellence Awards~22nd May25th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Uptime Awards~29th May31st AugIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
UK Digital Experience Awards ~5th Jun~16th JulIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Computing Rising Stars Awards~5th Jun11th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Small Cell Awards~5th Jun29th SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Software as a Service SaaS Awards ~12th Jun~29th JulIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
OpenUK Awards~15th Jun20th OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Technology Services Industry Association TSIA Star Awards ~19th Jun~21st OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Cybersecurity - Tech Ascension Awards~19th Jun~14th JulIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Shorty Awards for Social Good~24th Jun~11th AprIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Infoworld Enterprise Architecture Awards~28th Jun14th SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Inclusive Tech Alliance ITA Awards~28th Jun~29th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Tech4Good Awards ~30th Jun~15th JulIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing Award30th Jun~12th JulIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Sunday Times Tech Track 100~3rd Jul6th SepIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Computing Technology Product Awards ~5th Jul~29th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The Global Carrier Awards ~6th Jul21st OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Drum Recommends Digital Awards~17th Jul~3rd DecIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The Cyber Security Awards ~17th Jul10th SepIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The UK Social Media Awards~17th Jul13th OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Cloudera Data Impact Awards~17th Jul~24th SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Cresta Awards20th Jul~26th SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Infoworld Bossies31st Jul5th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
UK IT Industry Awards (UKITIA) 31st Jul11th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence31st Jul~15th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
World Communication Awards Culture Change Award~31st Jul~30th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Datanami Readers' Choice Awards2nd Aug~14th SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Mobile Choice Consumer Awards ~5th Aug~10th OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
PwC UK Tech Awards7th Aug4th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK & Republic of Ireland
Computing's Cloud Excellence Award7th Aug5th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
CRN Channel Awards10th Aug12th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Cynopsis Digital It List 11th Aug1st DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
The Comms National Awards14th Aug8th OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Fintech - Tech Ascension Awards14th Aug9th SepIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
DevOps Industry Awards14th Aug20th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Go:Tech Awards16th Aug26th NovIT & TelecommunicationsUK
APPEALIE SaaS Awards28th Aug28th OctIT & TelecommunicationsInternational
Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards31st Aug13th OctIT & TelecommunicationsUK
Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards31st Aug17th SepIT & TelecommunicationsUK
The Streamy Awards31st Aug13th DecIT & TelecommunicationsInternational

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